adidas Originals – Gazelle 'Remember the Future' Campaign featuring Kate Moss


Herzogenerauch, June 27th
– adidas Originals is celebrating the re-launch of Gazelle with a global collaboration with artist, Doug Abraham, better known as @bessnyc4, and featuring iconic British supermodel Kate Moss.

Hacking an iconic photograph from 1993 of Moss wearing Gazelles, Abraham's new era creative medium encompasses the re-appropriation of fashion and the collective memory of pop culture imagery to reinvent a new visual commentary. Abraham and his work bring Gazelle's narrative of reinvention to life—stealing from history to create the future, nothing is sacred.

"Collective memory provides us with the inspiration to create our future", says Nic Galway, VP of Global Design, adidas Originals. "With the re-launch of Gazelle, we looked to the original cultural references that defined the authenticity of the style. Kate Moss has always had a connection to the adidas Originals brand and her affection for Gazelle during the '90s is a testament to the ways the silhouette has been adopted into style and pop culture."

First introduced in the 1960s, Gazelle's legacy can be traced through its acceptance by different cultural style tribes. From mod scenesters, the reggae crowd, to Britpop and grunge, one of the most iconic Gazelle references is the 1993 photograph of Kate Moss. The photo of the then rising star would later set the standard of "grunge" style and at the same time captured the essence of Gazelle.

"Gazelle's were THE trainer we all wore in the 90's. They have a timeless look that just doesn't date. I was and always have been an adidas girl." – Kate Moss


The still image and video-driven creative series will launch on June 28th via all brand channels, retail, social and digital, and will exemplify the idea that, from one generation to the next, the future of Gazelle's legacy is clear: What comes next is yours to make.