Sneaker10 Gift Card


Perfect news!

Μake the perfect gift to your sneakerhead friends! Give them the opportunity to choose it themselves from a wide variety of big Brans names such as adidas, Nike, Jordan, Puma, Arkk, Reebok etc. just with a gift card from Sneaker10 stores!

Choose a Gift Card: 


- How could I get a Gift Card?

It's easy! Just find a Sneaker10 store. Find all Sneaker10 stores here!


-How could my friend use that Card?

Each recipient can use the Gift Card in Sneaker10 store's products and brands throughout the duration of the Gift Card, without any limitation!


-Could I make a cashout online at

Not yet. Redeeming is only available at Sneaker10.


- What is the validity period of the Gift Card?

Your friend can find the right gift in 3 months from the time of Gift Card's issue!


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