The Trefoil has lived a thousand lifetimes trading feet with everyone, from athletes to cultural pioneers. From sport to skate, music and fashion. Originals have always stood the test of time, because while we may have given the world an Original, it's the world who's given us a thousand back.


Gazelle may have started as trainer, but it's had a long run: the lightweight, classic suede upper and gum sole - constructed shoe has been moving strong for over 70 years, racing from podiums, to runways, to skate parks around the world.


The quintessential adidas sneaker that was made for basketball but adopted by hip hop and skate, is now worn across the world thanks to its premium leather constuction, signature shell toe and versatile silhouette.

Originals may have started in the worlds of sport, but the Trefoil has made its home wherever it’s shown up. From sport to skate, music, and fashion. Once a classic, always a classic. (As timeless then as it is now.)

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