Perfect news!

Μake the perfect gift to your sneakerhead friends! Give them the opportunity to choose it themselves from a wide variety of big Brans names such as adidas, Nike, Jordan, Puma, Arkk, Reebok etc. just with a gift card from Sneaker10 stores!

Choose a Gift Card: 


- How could I get a Gift Card?

It's easy! Just find a Sneaker10 store. Find all Sneaker10 stores here!

-How could my friend use that Card?

Each recipient can use the Gift Card in Sneaker10 store's products and brands throughout the duration of the Gift Card, without any limitation!

-Could I make a cashout online at Sneaker10.gr?

Not yet. Redeeming is only available at Sneaker10.

- What is the validity period of the Gift Card?

Your friend can find the right gift in 3 months from the time of Gift Card's issue!

- Can I return the giftcard and receive the equal amount in cash?

The giftcards cannot be returned! But we are certain if you visit one of our 20 Cosmos Sport stores, you'll find something you like in our wide variety of Sports & Casual famous Brands!


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