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Sustainability is not only about respect towards the environment! It is also all about respect towards the society! CHANGES come from Gen Z, a generation that fights for a better future! We urge you to make the change!

Choose Change.

[No Planet. No Sneakers.]

million tons of fabric in America & Europe end up in waste.

billion cubic water meters are used yearly in the fashion industry

millions tons of non renewable energy sources are used every year for the fashion industry

How to distinguish Suistainable Products

All the sneakers, apparel & accessories that are marked with the SUSTAINABLE BADGE in Sneaker10.gr and our physical stores are made with at least 55% sustainable materials.

Nike Move to Zero

A race we can win.

MOVE TO ZERO is Nike’s journey toward zerocarbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. There have been made big moves in how they source, process and manufacture the materials, while apparel labeled “SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS” is made with at least 50% recycled content, and shoes with the same label are made with at least 20% recycled content by weight.

nike move to zero

Nike Vapormax


Material from lightweight & durable materials


50% leather fibers 40% more lightweight & 40% more durable than leather


Create by waste from the production process & recycled shoes


Icons make Vegan.

Sustainability is important, so adidas is leading the way in sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. As they continue to address their overall carbon footprint, adidas is shifting to using 100% recycled polyester in our products by 2024. They are committed to creating new and innovative ways for the re-use of plastic waste and to create 1 million pairs of shoes by ocean waste in the next year.


adidas Classics Sustainable


Made from recycled ingredients


Αlternative Materials or made have been without any use of animal-based materials.


Is one innovation that's helping us change our global environmental footprint.

Reebok Suistanable

Forever Better.

Για την Puma, η βιωσιμότητα δεν αφορά μόνο τα προϊόντα αλλά και τον ίδιο τον τρόπο συνεργασίας μέσα στην εταιρία. Έχουν ήδη τεθεί 10 βιώσιμοι στόχοι για την εταιρία έως το 2025, ή αλλιώς όπως ονομάζονται “10FOR25”. Με τους στόχους αυτούς δεσμεύονται να βελτιωθούν και να αλλάξουν προς το καλύτερο την διαχείριση των πρώτων υλών.

puma logo

Puma sustainability

Reebok Suistanable


Sustainability is part of the “Be More Human” philosophy of Reebok. At Reebok, they're constructing a brand new reality. Reebok has always been a pioneer in corporate social responsibility. For this matter, the “Reebok Future” team was founded not only to deal with the evolution of products but also how they are made.

reebok logo

Reebok sustainability


Made of waste.

New Levi’s Jeans are made from Old ones! Levi’s Sustainable products will facilitate the circular ecomony as they can be recycled when damaged. Levi’s® WellThread™ are produced in Worker Well-Being facilities with rain-fed Cottonized Hemp, Water


bci cotton


Made partially from recycled cotton


Product of circular economy, can be recycled when damaged


Levi’s partners with BCI to help improve cotton production globally

Ιn every day.

24Bottles is an italian brand founded in 2013 to help you forget about disposable plastic bottles once and for all and encourage everyone to adopt good habits reducing waste as well as the overall environmental footprint we all have on the planet.


DFNS logo

Get messy. Play hard. Live ready.

DFNS is on a quest to create the greatest and greenest lifestyle care products out there, so you can do what you love while saving the planet. Their products empower you to live life to the fullest, so you can prepare for the unexpected, push boundaries, and embrace every moment. 

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