We create the DEKAVERSE

The world is changing, digital is old-fashioned and META is the new fashion around town. One thing remains the same, our love for SNEAKERS. We create a world to share this passion, where anything is possible. A world beyond Sneakers and full of Opportunities. Let's Step into DEKAVERSE.

What's Coming for E-VA & PUMA?

Εxclusive product releases

NFTs in collaboration with your favorite artists

A new Dekaverse Store packed with all a sneakerheads needs.

Meet E-VA!


She loves sportswear giant PUMA and we'll be your Style guru for all things Puma! She dresses up toe to head and idolizes Winnie Harlow q& Dua Lipa – yes, that’s a thing even for manneuins.

Meet our Metagurus

They will guide you through all our Dekaverse Releases!


He will be your Jordan Guru.

It's true, he owns all releases AJ1 and he's jordan collection is bigger than his house.


He will be your Nike Guru.

Yes, he can't live without the Air Force 1 and rumors say he wears nothing but SWOOSHES.


A lot more is dropping soon..Exclusive NFT drops, Virtual Events & a New Store..literally out of this world! Don't miss them

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How to Stay safe

  1. Never share your private key or seed phrase with anybody.

  2. Never click links sent to you via direct messages on Discord, Twitter, or other channels.

  3. Never connect your wallet/Metamask to websites sent to you directly.

  4. Sneaker10 or any other partner will never contact you directly to offer support.

  5. Never buy NFTs that appear to be in the Sneaker10 OpenSea collection, except for the official account cAollection.

  6. Only trust official information published on this website or in the #announcements channel on the official Discord Server.

  7. Only buy or sell Dekaverse NFTs on the official "Sneaker10" OpenSea Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are gas, gwei or minting fees?

Gas fees, or minting fees, are a transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain. When you make transactions, such as purchasing an NFT, you will need enough ETH in your wallet for the initial purchase and the associated gas fees.

The gas fee enables your transaction to be processed on the Ethereum network and stored on the blockchain. The price of gas is volatile and fluctuates based on the supply of miners who receive the gas for the transaction vs the demand from consumers/minters making transactions. At mint time, when a user can enter the gas price they wish to pay, a suggested fee is shown by the wallet (e.g. Metamask) to make the transaction.

If the cost of gas price exceeds the fee you offered to pay, your transaction could fail and the gas fee will be lost without the transaction being confirmed. This means that you will have paid gas, without receiving an NFT. Lost gas fees are non-refundable. Move forward at your own risk.

What happens to gas fees?

They are paid to miners as a reward for processing Ethereum transactions and keeping the network online. adidas does not set gas fees or receive proceeds from gas.

I tried to mint an NFT during Early Access but my transaction failed. Why?

Some transactions were affected by the Early Access pause. This is because it was not possible for them to be confirmed before the smart contract was temporarily deactivated.

Any transactions that failed because of the Early Access pause will have incurred a gas fee, which we have committed to reimburse (see below).

If your transaction failed, you only lost the gas fee, not the mint fee. The mint fee (0.2 ETH) was retained by your wallet.

I tried to mint an NFT in the public sale but my transaction failed. Why?

The likely reason is that all NFTs were sold out before your transaction was confirmed. This can happen when other users offer a higher amount of gas, causing their transaction to be prioritized and processed first.

The price of gas is volatile and fluctuates based on the supply of miners who receive the gas for the transaction vs the demand from users making transactions.

If your transaction failed, you only lost the gas fee, not the mint fee. The mint fee (0.2 ETH) was retained by your wallet.

Please see What are gas, gwei or minting fees?” for more information.

Are these  NFTs available to buy in my country?

We are restricted from offering NFTs to certain countries or individuals deemed sanctioned by governing bodies.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a digital asset used to represent ownership of unique items or access, whether digital or physical. Most commonly they are used for digital collectibles. Ownership and transfer of an NFT is secured by the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures that one NFT only has one owner at any given time, and that nobody can modify the history of the token’s ownership.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency or store of value that uses the blockchain, a digital transaction ledger, to record and secure online transactions. Cryptocurrencies can be used to buy goods and services. Currently, the most traded cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum.

What blockchain are these NFTs minted on?

This NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is a “digital wallet”?

A blockchain wallet is a digital storage that enables you to store and transact with cryptocurrency. In its simplest form, a wallet comprises a public and private key, which are cryptographically generated.

To make the process of setting up a wallet user-friendly, there are many software wallets, such as Metamask, which equip you with a wallet address, key vault, secure login, and backup options to manage your digital assets securely. Metamask runs as a browser extension and/or mobile app, and you can be up and running in just a couple minutes. Learn more at Metamask FAQ.

With a digital wallet, you hold the keys and are in charge of your own assets. Your assets are only as safe as your keys, so back them up and keep them safe! Remember to never, ever share your seed phrase to anyone. That is for your eyes only.

How do I purchase ETH (Ethereum)?

You can purchase ETH through an online exchange as for e.g Coinbase. Once you have purchased ETH, you can transfer the funds into your Metamask or another compatible wallet to purchase an NFT. Please keep in mind that there are limits on the amounts of ETH you can buy and sell based on your account and the platform you’re using.

What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplaces enable creators and collectors to buy, sell and create. After connecting your wallet, you can purchase, auction or sell a wide range of NFTs. The leading open NFT marketplace is called Opensea, this is also referred to as the secondary market.

Official links:

Discord > https://discord.com/invite/kUAvSeCbZj

OpenSea > https://opensea.io/Sneaker10

Instagram > https://instagram.com/sneaker_10

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